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Save Yourself


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Save Yourself

ISBN 9781455591435
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An aspiring priest, closeted lesbian, and future stand-up comedian walks into a bar...
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An aspiring priest, closeted lesbian, and future stand-up comedian walks into a bar...
An aspiring priest, closeted lesbian, and future stand-up comedian walks into a bar...

It's Cameron Esposito and she-weighed down by Catholic guilt-immediately topples over. But like any scrappy protagonist with all the odds (and the Pope) stacked against them, she's able to pick herself up.

Now she would like to tell the whole queer as hell story. Her story. Not the sidebar to a straight person's rebirth-she doesn't give a makeover or plan a wedding or get a couple back together. This isn't a queer tragedy. She doesn't die at the end of this book, having finally decided to kiss the girl. It's the sexy, honest, bumpy, and triumphant dyke's tale her younger, wasn't-allowed-to-watch-Ellen self needed to read. Because there was a long time when she thought she wouldn't make it. Not as a comic, but as a human.

SAVE YOURSELF is full of funny and insightful recollections about everything from coming out (at a Catholic college where sexual orientation wasn't in the nondiscrimination policy) to how joining the circus can help you become a better comic (so much nudity) to accepting yourself for who you are-even if you're, say, a bowl cut-sporting, bespectacled, gender-nonconforming child with an eye patch (which Cameron was). Packed with heart, humor, and cringeworthy stories anyone who has gone through puberty, fallen in love, started a career, or had period sex in Rome can relate to, Cameron's memoir is for that timid, fenced-in kid in all of us-and the fearless stand-up yearning to break free.

The book, Save Yourself [Bulk, Wholesale, Quantity] ISBN# 9781455591435 in Hardcover by Cameron Esposito may be ordered in bulk quantities. Minimum starts at 25 copies. Availability based on publisher status and quantity being ordered.
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Price 27.00
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Publisher Grand Central Publishing
ISBN-13 9781455591435
Pages 240
Format Hardcover
Publication Date Mar 23, 2020
Language English
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Save Yourself


As low as $16.47

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