Event Services

Event Services
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The world of event planning can get chaotic to say the least! When you’re constantly juggling a heavy workload and trying to meet tight deadlines, it often feels like there’s not enough time in the day to get it all done. Let our team at BookPal help to make your life just a little bit easier.

With a robust catalog of branded journals, customized books, and more, we've got the perfect high-quality gifts to make your event memorable to your attendees.

Customized Journals


Many of our clients use branded journals to showcase their property, product or service. This is the perfect gift to keep your company on your clients and prospects’ minds. Adding a trifold tipin provides ample space to include photos and product details.


Popular among event planners and attendees alike, branded journals make great handouts that don’t get thrown away! You can include an insert with the event agenda, a sponsor ad, a map and more to increase the utility of the journal.

Employee Onboarding Gifts

You can make this process memorable by giving out a branded journal to new staff members that can include details about the company’s history, your core values, important dates, a letter from the president, etc.


Taking notes in a journal helps keep your meeting attendees engaged rather than distracted by their computers. Take advantage of a tipin insert to add company core values, an inspiring quote, specific department info, etc. You can even personalize the journal with the name of the attendees.

Client/Employee/Speaker Gifts

Many clients provide journals as a way to say “thank you”. Some people choose to include a fun quote or image on the cover in lieu of a company logo to make the journal more versatile.